The Mission and History of Our Kids Cancer Foundation

Kids Cancer Fund was founded to give children in Yorba Linda, California and beyond the support they need to make it through one of the biggest challenges life can throw at you.

Getting cancer treatment is tough enough for adults. When children are faced with these unique challenges, they need all of the support that they can get!

We created our kids cancer foundation with this in mind. Our foundation was founded by Jackson Rodgers in memory of a childhood friend of his who tragically died at 17. Rodgers has been a leader in the biotech industry and he is bringing that expertise in cancer treatment to our foundation.

With each successful fundraiser, we help another child through their cancer treatment. Our efforts reach every aspect of care. One of our biggest efforts is to help families afford access to cutting edge treatments. Cancer treatment is difficult to afford under the best of circumstances and our foundation is dedicated to helping more families get access to this vital healthcare service.

Our efforts extend beyond supporting families during treatment. Our Make a Wish program helps a child struggling with cancer by granting their wish during treatment. This could be a special toy or gift.

With each new fundraiser, we help another child during these difficult times.

Our foundation is guided by our core values. These ensure that our kids cancer foundation is always on track to help more families face these challenges.

  • We commit to spending every dollar our donors give on our mission

  • We put our volunteers and staff first, treating them with the utmost respect

  • Our foundation is built on open and honest communication

  • Ethical behavior is our guiding principle

  • Above all else, we will work tirelessly to help children with cancer and their families

You can support our mission today by becoming a donor or getting in touch with our staff about volunteer opportunities.