Make a Wish Come True for a Child in Cancer Treatment

Kids Cancer Fund is here to make every aspect of cancer treatment and recovery as comfortable as possible.

This often means making the hospital stay a little more like home. You’d be surprised how much that awesome toy at the top of their wish list, some personalized decor for their hospital room, or even a customized blanket can help improve a child’s treatment. Every child has a wish and we can help the children who need it most see that their wishes are granted.

Our wish-granting efforts don’t stop at fun toys. We strive to make sure that the child and their family can truly feel like their wish has been granted.

Our fund supports families with a wide range of wishes that are granted outside of the hospital setting. Many families with a child in cancer treatment benefit from receiving gift cards that can help pay for household necessities. These gift cards can also cover once in a lifetime experiences like allowing the whole family to catch a game with their favorite sports team!

Let’s team up to donate to cancer and grant some wishes for children in need.

With your help, our Yorba Linda, California based fund can continue to grant wishes for children in cancer treatment. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how you can help donate to cancer families that need help.