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Kids Cancer Fund offers two main types of programs and services


Financial Assistance Grants.

Caring for a child with cancer is expensive. Financial grants help reduce the cost and stress for families in need.

Research Grants.

The ultimate goal is finding a cure for pediatric cancers. Every grant request goes through a rigorous review process.

Because of increased costs and challenges with reviewing and verifying global applications, we will now only accept grant applications from the U.S. and Canada. This new policy takes effect on March 7, 2021. Completed applications submitted prior to this date will still be accepted. Submit applications to our physical address or email

Financial assistance programs.

Make a Wish:
When a child receives cancer treatment the treatment often requires them to be far away from the comforts of home for many weeks, often causing the child to become homesick. At Kids Cancer Fund, our “Make a Wish” program allows each child to receive gifts that they find comforting. These could be awesome toys, wall decoration/posters or personalized blankets that make the hospital stay as calm and comfortable as possible. 

Getting the best care sometimes requires traveling far from home.  Kids Cancer Fund provides for a reduced cost for temporary places to stay.  Payments are made directly to the hotel/motel or rental property manager.

Support groups, classes, and counselors:
“Your child has cancer” are the words no parent wants to hear. It’s a scary and stressful time for you, your family and friends. Grants are paid directly to the licensed therapist or psychologist for family members that want emotional support.

Grants provide for necessary transportation to and from medical appointments.  Grants are paid directly to the transportation provider or vouchers are provided to the parent/guardian for gas costs.

Gift Card:
Enables the family to purchase the necessities of food plus fun activities for the family outside the hospital. An example would be for the family to attend a sporting event the child enjoys or a nice picnic in the park.

Research grant program.

Kids Cancer Fund provides research grants to fund promising pediatric cancer research programs, children’s hospitals, physicians, and research scientists – the ultimate goal of anyone diagnosed with cancer is survival.

Kids Cancer Fund believes that targeted therapies offer the greatest hope in providing cures for childhood cancers with fewer side effects than traditional chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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